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Brenda Esdohr

Founder of Scanning History & PreseRVing Memory Lane

In 1991, I lost my first husband to a drowning accident. Although I am happily remarried, my now husband is a fire survivor. Prior to the fire, my husband and I had considered the RV life. Though having lived through these events, we both fully understand that tomorrow is a privilege and not a promise: why wait until 50 to make a big change? So at the age of 49, we decided to do a trial run. After a two-week Alaskan camping trip in a rental RV, we fell in love with the RV lifestyle. We are now full-time RVers that travel across the country, visiting our 16 wonderful grandchildren.

Once the decision was made, it was the process of downsizing that really opened my eyes. I had boxes upon boxes of photos, albums, and videos that I wasn't able to easily bring with me on the road. I didn't want to leave them in a storage unit somewhere because all it takes is one natural disaster for my memories to be forever destroyed, but I also didn't want to digitally store them because all it takes is one hard drive failure or accidental click of a button.

I founded PerseRVing Memory Lane to help individuals and families store and organize their beloved photos and memories. I've created a fail-safe system that protects your family's precious memories, allowing you to tell your story for generations to come.

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